Cryptocurrency brokerage Genesis receives $140m after FTX downfall

Cryptocurrency brokerage Genesis receives $140m after FTX downfall

Genesis, a cryptocurrency brokerage, is reportedly set to receive a $140m equity infusion from its parent company.

Genesis files for bankruptcy, After FTX collapse #shorts #genesis #crypto #collapse #cryptocurrency

Genesis files for bankruptcy, after FTX collapse #shorts


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After Effect Of FTX Collapse Threaten to Collapse Winklovoss Gemini

After Effect Of FTX Collapse Threaten to Collapse Winklovoss Gemini
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The FTX Collapse Spreads To Genesis | Weekly Round Up

This week, Mark & Mike discuss the continued fallout of FTX. Genesis, the crypto prime broker, ran into liquidity issues during the week causing many yield providing platforms to reduce their yields to 0%. We discuss what this could mean for CeFi lending providers, and who it could effect next. To hear all this and more, you’ll have to tune in!

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After Genesis, Who Else Is FTX Taking Down With It? — SmallCapSteve with Bennett Tomlin

Joining SmallCapSteve today is Bennett Tomlin, creator of The Facts Under Dispute (FUD) Letter and co-host of the Crypto Critics’ Corner Podcast. In this interview, which was recorded yesterday November 15th, we talk about the impact of the fall of FTX on the crypto community — pointing out that Genesis was going to be next. Also covered are potential catalysts that he’s watching closely, particularly the Alameda exposure of Binance, and the strange goings-on at

Bennett Tomlin is a data scientist and writer focused on rooting out fraud. His current focus is centered around cryptocurrencies and the red flags associated with the space.

00:00 Introduction
01:28 The FTT or FTX token explained
03:35 FTT and Alameda’s balance sheet
04:35 Was FTX supposed to hold cash reserve for the FTT tokens?
05:33 Were people trading FTT on FTX?
06:29 Bennett’s warning to SBF in May
08:42 How did Sam Bankman-Fried do it?
11:23 SBF’s effect on the media
14:50 Tether — what’s going on here?
18:58 Breaking down FTX conspiracy theories
22:30 What Bennett is keeping an eye on — Genesis, Binance,

Catch more of Bennett at,,, and

#crypto #GenesisCapital #FTX #Alameda


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