Digital assets exchange KoinKoin reaches $40m revenue

Digital assets exchange KoinKoin reaches $40m revenue

Africa-focused digital assets exchange KoinKoin is eyeing global expansion as its annual revenues exceed $40m in OTC transactions.

Digital Assets and Future Law

Future Lawyers must understand digital assets.

We define a digital asset as anything in an electronic/digital form, which has intrinsic or derivative value. These could be intrinsic digital assets like content, crypto assets, digital evidence, medical records, domain names. Or, derivative digital assets like intellectual property, art & collectibles and even human talent. 

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Welcome To Crypto’s Transition Year | Forbes Digital Assets Research Director On What’s To Come

Forbes director of research for digital assets Steven Ehrlich joins “Forbes Talks” to discuss what 2023 will bring for crypto.

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Why Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets, and Blockchain?: Protego Trust Bank

Few imagined the role the smart phone would play in our lives when it was introduced. The same can be said of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. As foundational technologies, there are endless possibilities as to how they develop and are used.

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What Is Digital Asset Management? (DAM)? #shorts

Are you having headaches keeping tabs on your digital assets? ��‍��

You’re in luck because today, we’d like to introduce you to DAM! Digital asset management is a system wherein you properly tag images, documents and other online stuff for easy access later on. These tags also ensure that you get the correct file you are looking for. ��

Digital assets are not just bits and bytes of information, it’s the life blood of internet marketing. Those contents, some we even paid for, are valuable. Imagine losing it and having to put in time, effort and skill AGAIN just to get it back, while organizing it would have been so much easier and more efficient. It’s a no brainer! ��

You should start with your DAM today. Especially small businesses who’s files are not yet all stacked up, starting is so much easier! So do it now or you’ll have hell to pay later on! ⚠️

We can help out with starting and maintaining your DAM, visit our website for more information:

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