Mainframe Modernisation: The Cloud Shift


Mainframe Modernisation: The Cloud Shift

Bjoern Langmack, Global App Modernization & Migration leader, Deloitte and Steve Steuart, Global Head of Mainframe Migration and Modernization, AWS, discuss the steps needed before deciding to modernize mainframes on the cloud, why now is the right time to modernize, how is the industry responding, and some of the key challenges to migrating and modernizing mainframe workloads.

Application Modernization: Migrating Mainframe Apps to the Cloud Using Spring

Mainframes have been the engine for data processing for over 50 years, but we have reached that time where we move our applications off of the mainframe to new infrastructure, to the cloud, or a hybrid approach.

But what tools do we have at our disposal to migrate our COBOL applications from the mainframe to these new platforms?

This is where the Spring ecosystem provides the tools to help with this migration.

In this discussion, we will show you how Spring and its ecosystem can help with migrating applications from the mainframe to your new platform.

Projects such as Spring Batch, Spring Cloud, and Spring Boot, can be used to simplify this migration process.

Glenn Renfro, Spring Developer at VMware


Mainframe Modernization & Legacy Application Migration to AWS

Kiran Kuppa, AWS
John O’Donnell, AWS

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Mainframe, an extension of the existing AWS MAP program, is designed to help organizations reach their migration goals even faster with AWS services, best practices, tools, and incentives. We provide a three step approach to help you reduce the uncertainty, complexity, and cost of migrating to the cloud.

Through MAP for Mainframe, customers gain access to a comprehensive ecosystem of mainframe technology and professional services competency partners to assist with the migration and modernization process. On average, mainframe customers are realizing a 70%+ reduction in IT infrastructure costs. By migrating from the mainframe to AWS, customers no longer have to grapple with high upgrade and development costs, expensive usage fees, and increasing skill gaps as aging mainframe experts leave the workforce. Instead, customers can enhance their mission critical applications anddata portfolios by taking advantage of the agility, ease of access, and community that exist on the cloud.

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FinextraTV: Mainframe modernisation: the new era of cloud migration

Michael Breashears, Account Director at Contino, speaks off the back of the webinar panel on “Mainframe modernisation: the new era of cloud migration”, and discusses what’s driving this shift, how the industry is responding, and the key challenges that come with it.

Follow the link for the live webinar panel on-demand by Finextra here:—mainframe-modernisation-the-new-era-of-cloud-migration

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